So who is Old Pearly Jenkins??

Old Pearly JenkinsOnce the house was ours, I couldn’t wait to get started researching its history.  It was so exciting to receive the copy of the original Certificate of Title.  I raced off  to the Brisbane City Archives in Moorooka.  I wanted to find out when the house was built.   I was looking for any kind of record for permits. I spent many hours going through the records and found nothing!!  The title has lots of different names on it and I tried all of them.  All I wanted to know was who built the house and when.

Old Pearly Jenkins

Old Pearly Jenkins

Meanwhile we moved in and got started on the back garden.  During this time we meet our neighbour over the back fence and to the right,  She’s been living in her house for a VERY long time.  Her parents brought the house new.  Our neighbour is in her 80’s!!  So after chatting over the fence, it occurred to me that she might just be the person to ask about our house.

I asked “Did you know the people who built the house?’

“Yes” she said “It was Old Pearly Jenkins”.  Jackpot!!  ” oh and her husband Charlie”.

She is a wealth of information about the suburb we live in too.  It’s so brilliant to listen to her talk.  Where ever I’ve lived, I’ve always had an interest in the local history.

What I found interesting about this place is that the 16 perches was first brought by Mary Jane Skinner in 1888 but wasn’t built on until approximately 1937.  So by my calculations this little block of land sat vacant in between two houses for 49 years!!

At some point during that 49 years, The family  next door brought it and used the block as a garden. It turns out it was Pearly’s sister who lived next door. …..

To be continued….


8 thoughts on “So who is Old Pearly Jenkins??

  1. mionsiog says:

    Thank you for this story. It is nice to know that I am not alone in wanting to find out about the history of things. It is also nice to have that story written down so others can have the information. So who was Pearly Jenkins?

    • Our neighbour told us that they didn’t stay in the house for very long after it was built. She always thought they had to sell up because of money troubles. I’d like to find out more about her … where to next?

      • mionsiog says:

        I think I have a solution for your queston.

        Who is Pearl Evelyn Jenkins?

        I wrote you a long letter telling you to go to or see if one of your friends had access… etc., but
        then I thought why not just type in the names and dates off of the Deed before I bore you with what to do. So I created a fake tree with just the info I had.

        Pearl Evelyn Jenkins

        wife of David Charles Jenkins

        13 July 1937
        19 July 1937

        Stanley County, City of Brisbane

        Well, I found a family tree with them on it and I will send them your blog link so they might contact you. If you have access to you can copy the link below and get to their page.

        Good Luck
        Old Pearly is on this family tree

        Wager-Rowe Family Tree
        Owner: libbywager
        Blog link

        Old Pearly Jenkins

      • Graham Jenkins says:

        Hello … I have just happened upon your blog “So Who is Old Pearly Jenkins?” and in case you still need some information about her, then perhaps I can help. Pearly and Charlie were my Aunt Pearly and Uncle Charlie while growing up in Brisbane and I have quite a collection of Family Tree info that I would be happy to share with you if you are interested.

        Graham T Jenkins
        30 Sept 2019

  2. mionsiog says:

    You might want to look for records of a

    Pearl Evelyn Miller
    Birth 28/10/1906
    Death 19/7/1996
    her parents are:
    Frederick Miller (1858-1924)
    Mary Caroline Hais (1867-1962)
    David Charles Jenkins
    Birth 26 Jul 1904
    Still Living per Family Tree
    his parents are:

    Thomas Rickett Jenkins (1877-)
    Lily Sarah Ann Phipps (1879-1949)

  3. wow this is incredible… i really want to research our home and find out who owned and built it as well… i might over the Easter holidays go and check the local archives…could you advise us how to go about getting the original certificate of title? do they allow you to access this through the titles office, or did you inherit it through purchase ??? by the ceilings and window layout I believe the original owner of the HLQ would have been middle class / fairly well to do as it has ceiling detailing etc… the number of windows also depicts the wealth of the original owners also, its location and if it sat on a hill…

    this search is wonderful and has given me information on how to go about it 🙂

    • Hey there! I just wish the end results had been a little more exciting to be honest.
      It was so easy to obtain the original title, I rang the Department of Environment & Resource Management
      Titles registry—property search requests (including land valuation searches)
      Ph: (07) 3405 6900 or 13 QGOV (13 74 68)
      Fax: (07) 3227 8758
      I gave them the details over the phone, paid with my credit card – $30.95 and it arrived a few days later. Please keep in touch when you do find out. I find this stuff sooo interesting.

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