Seating and Storage.

How do you hide a pool pump and still make it look good?


A fake boulder or perhaps a green thingy?


We’ve employed an AMAZING young builder called Kayde from TOP NOTCH CARPENTRY & CONSTRUCTION to building a cover and storage for the pool toys etc.  We used again.  We did the right thing and got three quotes.  We decided to go with  Kayde because  he just had such a good attitude and willingness to work.

This is what is looked like before.

Old Pearly Jenkins

And this is what it looks like now.

We have solved the problem of how to hide the pump and have also gained three storage boxes.  Two under the bench seat and a one to match the pool pump box on the left.  Perfect for all the toys and cleaning products.  We are going to find a watertight box to put inside the box on the left to keep cushions etc.. dry.

old pearly jenkins


It’s not finished yet, he has to build a horizontal screen behind it.  This will cover up the old fence and tie it in with the rest of the decking.  We are so incredibly impressed with Kayde’s skills and workmanship.  For such a young guy, he’s certainly got his head screwed on the right way.


If anyone from Brisbane is looking for a builder give Top Notch Carpentry & Construction a call.

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