Day trip to Bangalow.

Oldest son has his L plates, he has to log 120 hours of supervised driving before he can sit the test for his P plates.

So a few weeks back while we were all still on holidays, we decided to pack a lunch and go for a day trip to Bangalow and Nimbin so he could get a few more hours under his belt.


We’ve been to Nimbin before and found it quite interesting and we were all keen to go back for another visit.  We went for a walk, exchanged pleasantries with one or two of the locals, had a coffee in a grungy cafe and then drove back towards Bangalow.


Bangalow is such a contrast to Nimbin!   It’s  a lovely little town approximately ten minutes from Byron Bay.  The main street is lined with beautiful old  buildings full of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants..(with big city prices to match!)

Up one of the side streets is a rather overpriced antique/collectables shop but it’s an Aladdin’s cave of treasures and worth the look. I took some photos anyway.




On the same street is this leaning building.  It’s an old Masonic Temple.


How cute is the Bangalow RSL.


Last year we brought as a souvenir from our travels two cast iron rockets from a shop called Waxjambu Emporium.


This year I came home with Olive Oyl and a cowboy .  Sadly they’d sold out of Popeye’s


Joni Dress in Clovelly

Bangalow is also the home to a Lazybones shop.  Its full of beautiful clothes, homewares and collectables.  I was very tempted and even tried on a dress, I love the pom-pom trim (above) but knowing that Mr F and the three boys were waiting outside  bored and hot, kind of put me off.  I need to go back with some female friends I think….

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