Look what he’s dragged home this time!

I thought Mr F was safely on his way to work when suddenly he appeared back in the house filthy!!. His work clothes were covered in dirt and he was wet through. Despite the rain and the clock ticking, he saw this sitting out on the kerb at the front of someones  house waiting for the ‘kerbside collection’ pick up..


Old Pearly Jenkins

Percy having a sniff

Somehow he managed to drag it back to his car and get it home. He was so happy with his find and I think it’s great too. It looks like it’s an old ‘meat safe’ and will make a great replacement for the  Ikea tv cabinet in the boys bedroom.

Now what colour should we paint it??


18 thoughts on “Look what he’s dragged home this time!

    • Do you have any suggestions for a good colour to paint it? It’s going to be in the boys bedroom for the meantime but eventually in the tv area once the renovations are done? The walls are white and the sofas that will be in that area are black leather? I’m really stumped!!

      • Hot red or hot green — red is more classic, like a Chinese lacquered chest, and hot green is trendy. Your story made me laugh, though. My doorbell rang early in the morning last week, and my neighbor had dragged over a chest he found that he just “knew” I would like. I still had my pajamas on, but he was standing there on the stoop with the darn chest in the cold and snow, so I just put on my robe and slippers and helped him put it in the shed. Now it’s my turn to figure out what color to paint it.

      • What a great neighbourhood you live in!!
        I really like the idea of bright green. I’ll check out the colour chips at the hardware shop this weekend!!!
        We used to have an old tall filing cabinet in the boy’s bedroom that was fire engine red but we sold it recently.
        Thank you so much for your help Jennie!!.

  1. bldfarm says:

    why on earth would you paint it?
    the patina of age is something that the specialty shops around here go to great lengths to copy
    give it a good washing is all
    maybe the top could get sanded or stripped down then a nice Mediterranean Aqua blue
    but a pale one

    • It needs to be painted as parts are not in good shape. We’re going to have to get out the old ‘builders bog’ to fill in some gaps. I like the idea of a nice light aqua blue though thankyou.

  2. Nnena@NordicBLACK says:

    I agree that you should leave it as it is. Paint the wall it’s going to stand in front of an interesting colour so it really pops against the background. I’m into dark greys, fossil green and navy at the moment. This item would look amazing against the industrial chic emerald green vintage look walls at my friend’s store. I do photo shoots there all the time.

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