I went to Rosewood recently for work.  Rosewood is a small town  in the Bremer Valley and approximately 60 kilometres west  from  Brisbane .  I can’t pass through  without visiting the towns only bakery as its cakes and slices are so cheap, LARGE and delicious.  This macadamia and caramel slice is so yummy and only $2.50 a slice.   There are a few good Op shops too.




8 thoughts on “Rosewood

  1. wow how cute and old is the little hut it is circa 1970’s – 1930’s a Colonial, Federation and Interwar Rudimentary House !!! wow and its still standing, I just love the history of old houses …

  2. That little beauty is the settlers cottage. We have just bought our very own renovator in Rosewood! From what I have found out so far i was built in about 1900-looking forward to getting stuck in and finding out more! Thankyou for all your insight on here-it is inspiring!

      • We didn’t buy this one in particular-she is heritage listed. Ours is across the railway on Mill St…building and pest report this week-then pictures!

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