What Mr F did ALL weekend.

Mr F was really busy over the weekend painting the walls and door frames in the hallway.  We took the bathroom and the back bedroom doors to John at Earth safe Paint Removal to be stripped and sanded.  For a very small and skinny hall, it took a long  time to paint.  Each piece of the vertical Joinery had to be painted with a brush to get in to cracks between.


The photo below was taken when the tenants were still living at the house.  It’s hard to tell from the photo but the colour was a yucky kind of cream. The hall is now  sporting a lovely fresh coat of white and showing off its brand new hall light!!



3 thoughts on “What Mr F did ALL weekend.

  1. stunning, so clean and crisp !!! yes its amazed us how a simple coat of paint has transformed our old girl 🙂 Well done Mr F keep up the good work !!!

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