Bathroom update – 1

After I finished work yesterday I went on the hunt for a mirror to hang over the basin.  I was looking for something not too big, preferably with a bevelled edge.  I went to a few shops including Woolloongabba Antiques Centre and saw this mirror.  It’s not right for the bathroom but I really like it.

old pearly jenkins

I couldn’t find anything suitable and was on my home when I drove past an antique shop that I’ve never noticed before on Logan Road.  I did a quick u turn and parked down the side of the shop.  It’s an enormous shop.  It has a very wide range of stock.  From very fine antiques to quirky collectables and this was where I found the mirror for the bathroom.  The name of the shop is James & Bell Antiques and is  located at 199 Logan Road, Woolloongabba Brisbane.

old pearly jenkins

This was attached to the back of it.

old pearly jenkins

I had a wonderful chat with them and was shown the work room down the back of the shop.  I had to take a photo to share with you what it looks like in there.

old pearly jenkins

Later on Friday afternoon a man came to give us a quote to resurface the bathtub and tiles.  He was very helpful and in fact suggested trying a good tile cleaner and a very fine sandpaper to try to remove the rusty ring from the bath plug.  Then call him back if it doesn’t look any better.  We’re really keen to try this as it’s going to cost $660 (incl GST) to do the bathtub and $100 (incl GST) per sq m to resurface the tiles.

old pearly jenkins

I spent this afternoon scrubbing the tiles and Mr F got stuck in to scraping off the flaky bits from the ceiling ready to give it a new coat of plaster.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

I’ve unscrewed the mirror cabinet and it’s sitting out leaning against the front fence if anyone wants it!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Bathroom update – 1

  1. …also im sure Dad used to talk about Cowan’s from the old days, i wonder if it was like a big co-op for bits and pieces ?

    • Wow! I’ve never heard of Cowan’s.
      I’ll have to do a bit of a google search I think. It’s kind of hard to make out on the sticker, I think two of the words say ‘paid….cash’. This shop (Antique Shop) has only been open since September last year too.

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