So… I couldn’t get that other mirror out of my mind.  I kept seeing it painted a beautiful red and hanging near the front door.  I had to go back and buy it.  It’s supposedly Tasmanian   from the 1890s.

We’ve always wanted a hall stand with a seat and mirror but we’ve never seen one that wasn’t going to cost us ‘an arm and a leg’ to have it transported from another state here in Australia.  For example this is for sale on Gumtree, listed as  Antique  Edwardian Queensland Maple stand. It’s in Sydney……we’re in Brisbane!!!!!!


Until we find one we will hang this mirror by the door and below it will be this long padded bench seat.  Add a few baskets for shoes and it will be just as good.

old pearly jenkins

I saw this for sale at Woolloongabba Antiques Centre when I was buying the mirror.  It’s not my ‘cup of tea’ but I love the colour.  On closer inspection the label said it was Italian and for sale at $245.00.  Any thoughts???



9 thoughts on “Mirrors.

  1. wow i think that will look fab at the doorway… the fabric on the seat is beautiful !!! love it 🙂 the horse lamp… hmm no comment as I have never seen before, but there is a designer lamp which is a horse (not a big fan of it myself either, but the colour is very pretty’ emerald green… i love that store)

    • We brought the bench seat last year for $199.00 at Far Pavillions, Logan Road. We’d orignally purchased a ‘wing chair’ + footstool in the same fabric but had to wait months for the shipment to come. (made in China). so settled for the seat instead. I think you can still buy them, as they were incredibly popular.

  2. I’ve seen a Hall Stand similar to that one somewhere recently – it would have to be either WAC or the old Antique Furniture Store (on the left hand side) in the middle of Woodford, pretty sure it was at WAC. I remember because it was like my Grandparents, with the Umbrella stands either side. The horse lamp is very interesting lol.

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