The redundant lawnmower.

On Sunday I went to the Manly markets with my mum and youngest son.  Manly is a small bayside suburb by the sea and a good half an hours drive from Brisbane CBD.    It’s quite the picturesque place with restaurants, shops, parks and a large Marina.

We parked along the esplanade in front of a house that had a goat tied up.  Despite it looking completely out-of-place in amongst beautiful beach side houses, fancy cars etc..

old pearly jenkins

It did look like it had a purpose as the lawnmower didn’t look like it’d had been used in while.


3 thoughts on “The redundant lawnmower.

  1. Hiya ! hank you for the lovely messages on my blog 🙂 We used not to far from Manly shore… was too far out and wanted a Qld’er so we moved to the inner city !!!

    Wow i’d love to see pics of the spaniel, we have formed a small catch up group if she would like to join where english cocker spaniels have play dates… its on facebook called Cocker Spaniels Queensland

    I will post a reply comment on my blog for you about the bed we got it at an absolute bargain from laura ashley… jump back to that page and i tell you all about it 🙂

    BTW – poor goat 😦 i dont like seeing animals tied up like that poor thing… but what a funny pic you got with the lawnmower though classic 🙂


  2. OPJ – I left you another message on my blog re to help with some products… its on comments under “before easter there was xmas)… happy to help 🙂

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