A cabinet for the bathroom.

Why is it  when you don’t need something eg: a tall bathroom cabinet, you see them everywhere.

I’ve been looking everywhere here in Brisbane for something suitable to use in the bathroom.  We’d like it to look ‘vintage’, even better if we could actually find something ‘vintage’.

I’ve been looking online today and really like this piece from Restoration Hardware.  It’s would be perfect but I don’t think they’d ship to Australia and it would probably cost ‘an arm and a leg’ to get it here.  It’s also priced at $875 US.


Below is what we’re currently using to store the towels, face cloths, cats etc.. we just need something to hold all the bits and pieces.  It came from an antique shop in Ipswich.  The owner of the shop told us it was probably made during the Depression (1930’s).  The shelves are old Shell Oil timber boxes.  Rosebush likes them.


I did find a great cabinet on Gumtree.  I tried to contact the seller about it but they never got back to me.  Bugger!! It would’ve been perfect.


4 thoughts on “A cabinet for the bathroom.

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Although it is fairly plain, I do like the looks of the depression piece. Just a note when ordering, if you do order, from Restoration Hardware. Some of their items do not hold up to practical use. The piece you are looking at should be fine. I almost ruined a vintage aluminum trunk table by using a barely damp soft cloth to wipe up smudge marks. When I contacted the company they said I voided the warranty because I put water on the cloth. ;( I don’t think it is practical to sell something as a coffee table if you can only dust it…people put things on coffee tables! Unless you live in a showroom house, things will get dirty.

  2. Hi – have been following you via HLQ. Glad to have found you as I really like to read about other people’s renos, particularly as it’s a Queenslander. I’ve never heard of a building broker – I imagine you are saving quite a bit of money then? Good luck with it – I’ll be following along! xx

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