We’ve found a cupboard for the bathroom!!

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

It’s actually a ‘shoe cupboard’, I’ve never seen one before.  The plan is to put in a few shelves, slap on a coat of glossy white paint and maybe…. replace the top timber panel with a pane of glass.  Mr F’s idea was  a mirror.  I don’t mind this idea either.  Or should we just leave it???

We’re open for suggestions!!!

11 thoughts on “We’ve found a cupboard for the bathroom!!

    • I know right … a shoe cupboard!! It must have belonged to a shoe lover.!!! who could justify having a cupboard just for shoes. It’s made from the cheapest materials though. A 1930’s ‘Fantastic Furniture’ maybe…

  1. OMG love it, looks about the same age as the old wardrobes renovated… check out the earlier blogs I did there is one on doing up the old wardrobes… let me know if you want to know the paint colour… also you can get gorgeous porcelain handles to go with 🙂 I think a mirror would look fab… but as its a bathroom, make sure you look for a mirror that will not rust (some on the cheaper frame-less mirrors rust in bathrooms… go into Reece and ask them for a suitable mirror for the bathroom (have you ventilation fans ?)… the feet are adorable… great find guys 🙂

    • Hey there. We’ve decided not to put in a mirror or window. Too much work involved. I did go up to Paddington Hardware and brought a white porcelian handle though. It will do for now. I’m trying to find a bright teal or yellow porcelian/ceramic handles.

      • OPJ – Try Birdie and Mia’s… or the Wooloongabba Antique Center… I have to go in search for handles this week if I see teal’y ones I will let you know 🙂 hmmm you should still be able to do something cute with the front … leave it with me and i’ll have a think !!!


  2. How cute! The wood looks to be in good shape and it is lovely. Would it add a nice warmth to the bathroom? I vote for keeping it. 🙂

    • Hi Karen, we are definitely painting it as it needed a lot of screws, glue and builders bog. We’ve also decided to leave added a glass window or mirror. Too hard basket!!!!!

    • It came from a shop that was closing down in Stafford. Apparently I “paid too much for it”
      (Mr F) as it’s needed a lot of work. Oh and one of the feet fell off as we were tying it to the top of the ute. lol!!!

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