The red chair.

old pearly jenkins

The photo above is the ‘before’ photo of an arm-chair that the boys have in their bedroom.  It’s from the 1930’s and we’ve had it for around 15 years.  We had in upholstered in 2000 in this textured Warrick fabric.  Ok textured fabric was all the rage 13 years ago and was now starting to look a little faded and  ‘daggy’.

We took it upholsterer Colin Barabus, of Barabus Upholstery to bring it up to date.  He has done a wonderful job.  This time we didn’t go crazy and buy expensive fabric.  I did see some beautiful fabrics  at $40 – $60 per metre.  I ended up finding a perfectly good fabric at Spotlight for $7.00 per metre.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

Yes… it is still red.  I can’t help it, I love the colour red!!!

7 thoughts on “The red chair.

  1. Great work, a job well done !!! red is FAB, the chair looks as good as new and the feet in such great condition 🙂


    • Yes it does, they have a tv their room and play their video games etc.. in there. I’m not a big fan of my kids having stuff like that in their rooms but until we’ve done the extensions this is where they tend to hang out.

  2. jimmyjamjar says:

    Hi pearly, What fantastic job on that old chair you must be very happy to save so much on the cost of the fabric and to have the chair so beautifully upholstered. Love the red.

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