Possum update.

It’s been quite a while since I mentioned the possums and there have been some changes!

During January and February, we’d open the cupboard to feed mummy and baby but mummy possum was never there.  It was just baby and Big B*#ls, whom we suspect is daddy.  I would worry about her because they were lying in the cupboard, the coolest part of the roof and we could hear them fighting when she would try to reclaim her spot..


old pearly jenkins


baby possum appears to have moved out and BB only shows up occasionally.   It’s just been mummy possum sitting in the cupboard when we open it each night.  However  baby and BB are  still around as we see them occasionally in the Frangipani trees next door.

old pearly jenkins

Big Ba#@s eating some flatbread in the Frangipani.

We have our suspicions that mummy maybe carrying another little possum in her pouch as a few weeks back she seemed to have a reddish/brown  dirty mark in the area where her pouch is.

Perhaps this is why she’s back in the cupboard.

Middle son and I spent  some time this afternoon making her a little padded box to keep her warm during winter.  Last year we had a towel in a corner for them and mummy and baby would curl up together on it.  Check out this year’s effort.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

We made it out of an old box, some bits of an old duvet inner and an old towel.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

Mummy went in for a bit of a look, noticed that it needs a little work in the corner but we think she likes it.  We’ve fixed up the droopy bit and hope that it keeps her ‘snug as a bug’ all winter long.

old pearly jenkins


4 thoughts on “Possum update.

  1. Oh I think that’s nice! They are adorable, interesting to know how many possums have used that cupboard for shelter 🙂

    • Judging by the state of the cupboard, GENERATIONS of possums have called in home. I think they’re adorable too. They’re not aggressive at all and don’t flinch or run away when we touch them.

  2. Lena says:

    Omg love them ! Not fair I want them at the HLQ !!! How amazing to have them in the cupboard – cute as a button 🙂 although don’t know how my spaniels would take to it lol

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