9 thoughts on “More possum pictures!!!

  1. Have been meaning to comment for a little while, found your blog recently and wanted to thank you for your bathroom post as it directed me towards a pedestal sink that I actually liked and could afford ( unfortunately not quite the bargain price you got yours for). Sorry to hear about your plans being stymied by costs, can you alter what you are doing? or get more quotes? Our quotes varied by over $100k, there was no way we could have gone with the higher one. We also got provisional costings on three different rooflines to ensure we could afford it before we completed the plans. Could you also do it in stages to bring the cost down? We allowed provision for a later stage (which we are unlikely to do) and also left the bathroom to do later as there was no room left in the budget) mel x (bungalow bliss.blogspot.com.au)

    • I can just imagine the west end having its share of possums, it’s very green down your way. And as for those pesky brush turkeys. They’re everywhere here too and they have no sense of danger when it comes to walking in front of a moving car. !!!!

  2. our renovation has been on a standstill for the last 12 months due to lack of funds, we are just about to get stuck into it again though once our owner builder application goes through. Can’t wait, I will be getting a much needed walk in robe!

  3. toscanointeriors says:

    I adore those possums!!! Have you seen the possums we have here in the States? Not so cute, but yours are so sweet!!!

    • No I haven’t seen the possums you have in the States? I will have to google them and check them out. I’m sure they’re just as cute. I’m just a big softie when it comes to animals.

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