Possum eviction Part 1.

My youngest son and I have spent  Sunday at my parent’s house.old pearly jenkins

My dad very kindly gave up his only day off this week to help me build three new possum houses and I am extremely grateful for his time..

He found the plans online and we got stuck in.

old pearly jenkins

Here are the finished products! three wonderful new homes for the possums.

It’s really important to me that we at least try to offer alternative accommodation.  We’re having  the rusty old roof replaced with a  brand spanking new one!! + insulation in a few weeks time.

old pearly jenkins

I hope the little buggers use them!!  I also hope that they’re  ‘rain proof’  We’ve built them out of marine plywood but I think I might still give them a coat of ‘something’ to keep our little friends dry.  Spring is just around the corner and that means Storm Season here in Queensland.

old pearly jenkins

Here they are,  buckled in the back seat of the car … ready to go!!!

I also want to share with you a recent project my parents have been working on.  It’s a Pergola by the swimming pool.  I love it!!!

old pearly jenkins

And here is the youngest son enjoying the last of the winter sun.  Despite it being winter, I still managed to  get sunburnt!!

old pearly jenkins

11 thoughts on “Possum eviction Part 1.

  1. Where do you plan to place the critter homes? Lovely pergola. I’m a little sad…I am back to work, school starts Monday for our kids. It’s so funny that as we head towards fall, you are waiting for spring.

    • I know I didn’t mention where we’re going to put the houses in the post because I’m still not sure.
      We don’t actually have any trees on our property. I’ve got a few ideas. One being attaching them to the 1.8m high fence down the side of the house. It’s dark down there BUT I know they’re like to be up high!! The other was to attach them to the side of the house. Easier said than done. I just don’t know.
      I’m planning on taking my holiday from work over Christmas. It will be stinking hot and I’m looking forward to many hours floating in a rubber ring in the pool!!!

  2. curt says:

    Old Pearly – you crack me up! Now what will happen when the possums start gossiping that there’s a new subdivision going up in your neighborhood? You just might have to go into business building possum houses.

    • I know right?
      I’m more concerned about the reaction we get from the ‘Tradies’ when the major work begins on the house.
      I’m going to be labelled ‘the crazy possum woman’ !!!
      Hey if someone wants to pay us. I’m always up for a bit of extra cash!! Bring it on!!

      • curt says:

        Pearly – You need to post more – it brightens up my day while being in this darned wheelchair instead of renovating my house. If you need a character witness for the trades – I’ll be glad to vouch for your mental imbalance. But all renovators are a little ‘off’. Good luck!

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