Possum eviction Part 3.

old pearly jenkins

Later last night I managed to introduce mummy possum to the second house.  She was a lot easier to entice in than Sniffer.  She’s got such a pretty little face.  The last photo shows her baby Blossom waiting in the tree.

14 thoughts on “Possum eviction Part 3.

  1. Jocelyn McCawe says:

    Looking really settled in there box’s…just hope they stay for you and all works well… you have put so much into rehousing them…

  2. jamieaaron03 says:

    They’re cute, do they just stay there? Theirs one that eats my cats, and dogs food off the my back porch, I swear the things overweight.

    • I think they’re really cute too but not everyone would agree. They’re little buggers in the garden. They’ve eaten all the seedlings I tried to grow. I’ve even wrapped chicken wire around to try to stop it. they’ve stripped the neighbours Pawpaw tree.

      • Jocelyn McCawe says:

        Thats happen here..when we first moved into Riverstone…the bloody things ate everything and anything that we planted…we don’t have problems now…they have gone,gone,and gone again..:)…and they they got into our roof…and ate things in the roof…

  3. Well, I was just so pleased that you liked my first blog post. And all the way on the other side of the world! Thank you so much! I never thought anyone would see it. I could not get over those cute and tame possum. I’ve never seen an animal like that. At first I thought, “What the heck is that!” Our possum are quite different and I don’t think they would be in the cute classification. I like all animals so I don’t care if ours are rather homely. Yours are absolutely charming! I’d like to stay up with your adventures. Thank you again.

    • Actually the cats don’t seem bothered by them. In fact a few weeks ago Sniffer was trying to get a good sniff of Rosebush, she put up with it for a few moments then battered him on the nose with her paw. She didn’t move though. Ol Sniffer just kind of shrugged and moved on.

  4. This is fascinating. I have to say I always love discovering what folks in other places call things. This is what we call a “possum” in our neck of the woods 🙂 though your possums are much cuter!

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