On my home from work on Friday afternoon I went via DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) to look for some European pillow cases for the day bed on the porch.  Every six months or so I like to change them and ALWAYS manage to find a bargain at ADAIRS.

old pearly jenkins

The photo above shows some cushion covers that I brought from Adairs last year (this years dust rags).

I never have to pay more than $5.00 each.  As we’ve just painted the porch dark grey, I was looking for grey covers. $49.95!!!!!!!! who pays this for a pillow case?????

old pearly jenkins20130907_114712 

I also spotted some cushions that were half price as they were shop soiled.  I decided to grab them too as I’m sure they’ll be looking twice as bad in a few weeks.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

I’ve since washed them, the stain hasn’t come out completely but it’s on the back of the cushion, so it doesn’t matter.

old pearly jenkins

I know, I know, they look wrong on this bench seat, I’m on my way to work and wanted to do this post before I run out the front door.

I also pulled out the sewing machine from under the bed and began stitching together this old tea towel for a cushion.  The machine started playing up so I finished it by hand.  It’s not perfect but I’m happy with the results.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

Happy Monday!


10 thoughts on “Cushions.

    • Thank you!!! I found it at the op shop at Fairfield last year. I’ve got another tea towel with luncheon sausage and ham on it. I don’t think I’ll be turning it in a cushion!! Ha Ha.

  1. Thanks for liking my recent post ‘What’s in the box?’. I’ve just been preparing my next post which features some old linen tea towels like your kangaroo one and I commented how I don’t even use tea towels……….I feel the sewing machine may be getting a work out soon…….hmmmm, might even collect some more and get really crafty……the opportunities are endless 🙂

  2. Awww a kangaroo cushion, thought you might of had enough of wildlife around your place, ha. Daughter loves the trip to DFO a few times a year.

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