Possum eviction Part 3.


old pearly jenkins

Yesterday the roofers arrived and pulled off all the old corrugated iron and then the rain arrived!

We haven’t had any decent rain here in Brisbane for MONTHS!! when I left for work the rain was coming through the extractor fan in the bathroom.  What can you do?  I left the problem to the professionals and came home last night to a roof covered in tarpaulins.

Late last night we had a storm….. The tarps were flapping like CRAZY but we stayed dry.  Today the sun is out and the roofers are back.  Fingers and toes crossed they manage to secure the roof before it rains again.

No sign of the possums!!

5 thoughts on “Possum eviction Part 3.

  1. Oh I completely relate to this. Our roofers started the replacement of our roof on Friday but didn’t get it completely finished – then it rained. Luckily there wasn’t any water damage. What timing! xx

    • Last week I had a look at your recent posts and the house is looking fantastic. I wish things would hurry up here. We’re just waiting on the approval from the bank now. We’ve got no accommodation sorted….

  2. Good luck with getting that roof on before more rain hits. Bet those possums are all cosied up in their new homes watching those tarps with a smug indifference! mel x

  3. Your new roof will soon be on. I hope there will be no significant damage and the possums happy in their new homes.
    Our new old house has a leaky roof and I have noticed that as we got closer to settlement the more it has rained. We suspect we will need a new roof instead of simple repairs and I’m quite sure that as soon as the work has really started we will get a 1:100 year storm.

    • I know right!!! It’s still not completely finished, just a few bits of flashing to go but its done now. We’ve even got a ‘whirlybird’ and insulation. We’ve already noticed the difference. It’s not like walking into a hot oven when we come home from work in the afternoon. One possum is definitely happy in his new home. Yay!!!!

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