We’re nearly ready to start.  We’ve found a bank happy to lend us the money to do the house.  We’ve now just got to find somewhere to live for a while and completely clear out all the stuff under the house!

old pearly jenkins

We’ve rented some storage space and this afternoon we made a significant dent in the ‘pile’.

We also have to get rid of the hardwood timber battens and doors.  If anyone in Brisbane might know of someone who could use them, please let me know.  The timber is in very good condition and was put up in the last ten years.  We’ve also got to get rid of the front and back stairs too if anyone’s interested in them.


13 thoughts on “Finally….

  1. Hi OPJ lol I’m here just took way too many subjects this semester so am up to my eyeballs in work !!! 😦 I finish in 4 wks then I have 3 mths off and will be back to blog land 🙂 catching up on all the reads of my fellow bloggers and putting posts up myself !!! Guess what I’m now in 4 wks half way there to being a building designer woo hoo xxx hope your well HLQ xxx

  2. hello from the West Coast of Ontario Canada, thanks for the kind words about our Antiques (found in a fabulous Barn!) I wondered what you meant by being so far away, and gosh, Brisbane is a long distance. you are doing some brilliant work on your home. nice to see people with a strong work ethic. cheers Janis Bisback
    Bisback Family Antiques.

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