Week 4

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the chance to update this blog.  Long hours at work and limited internet access hasn’t helped but now the lovely lady upstairs (the owner of the granny flat we’re renting) has given us access to her internet account.  So hopefully now I will able to update it regularly.

old pearly jenkins

The small window on the right has been removed and filled in with weather boards.

While the builders have been waiting for the permits to be approved they’ve been busy installing new windows and lining the old dunny.  It’s starting to look more like a little study now

all shrubs gone

Before we put in the pool.


old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

The old kitchen.

It’s storm season here in Queensland and yesterday we went to the house to have a swim.  It was incredibly hot and muggy and we could hear the thunder in the distance.  It arrived quite suddenly and brought with it heavy rain and hail.  The boys abandoned the pool and took shelter under the house.   The area under the house was a muddy mess.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

The hail bouncing off the trampoline was fun to watch.

old pearly jenkins

Then before we knew it, the storm had past and the sun and the steamy heat returned.

It’s now Monday of week five and hopefully (fingers crossed) the drains and footings are done this week.

20 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. Hey – it’s coming along quickly isn’t it. Every. single. time. we have gone to pour concrete it has rained. And despite the huge deluge over the weekend, our site has stayed remarkably dry. Thank goodness, because the slab underneath the house is due to go in! xx

    • We’ve been held up for weeks waiting for the permits to come through.
      I can’t see the slab being poured here for a few weeks yet. It’s a MESS! And the tradies are pigs!!!

  2. Joanne S says:

    So funny that you are swimming and we are wearing coats. Bleh. I dislike winter. Wow. It is really coming along. I missed it: why is the house raised?

    • Ha ha!!!! It is really hot here. As I sit here at 6.30am I’ve got a fan on trying to cool the room down. Winter in Queensland is ok!! Cold in the morning, cold at night but usually beautiful warm and sunny during the day.
      We’re raising the house to build under it. A kitchen, lounge/dining, study, extra bathroom and a fourth bedroom.

    • To be honest we weren’t happy with the windows initially. They’re quite different to the windows we have been putting in. We really wanted them to look the same. However there isn’t much we can do about it now. So we are learning to love them!!

  3. Hope the storms hold off a bit for you, it was crazy that day! Have a lovely Christmas, I’m sure the boys will make good use of the pool during Summer.

  4. You were missed! Great to see everything coming along – maybe not as fast as you’d like, but everything you’ve done so far is really lovely! Amazing Queensland storm – I’ve heard about those! All the best going forward.

    • Awww that is so sweet. Things are moving slowly. We are renting this little granny flat from a lovely lady but I don’t want to push our luck. We can be a noisy lot at the best of times.
      I really love a good storm but not so crazy about the muggy heat that usually follows.

  5. I’m going to be cheeky and ask for a break down of costs: currently we are deciding whether to raise our own Queenslander to add a teaching studio, 4th bedroom, rumpus, bathroom and laundry and I’m most interested in the financial breakdown of others to inform us of the potential costs prior to ruining ourselves financially. Of course, if this is too rude, I apologise profusely! Happy to chat though!

    • Hey there
      It’s not cheeky at all. It’s costing a lot more than we ever wanted to spend. Over the weekend I’ll sit down and write it out for you in an email. I think the best money we’ve spent though is using a building broker. The company we’re using is called Easyway Building Brokers. I wish we’d found him before we had the plans drawn up.
      I’ll get back to you, I promise !

      • Hey, thanks for getting back to me! Just recently we had preliminary discussions with an architect, and when she and I did even the simplest cost analysis (ie threw figures at a spreadsheet) it came to about $500000. More than we want to spend, but it includes hard and soft landscaping and countless other bits and bobs. I guess I’m trying to find if anyone’s reno cost any less when they raised the house, and the benefits of doing it like this. jessica.obryan@gmail.com is my email – thanks for helping out!

  6. jimmyjamjar says:

    Happy to see you back in blog land. I have really missed your updates. Keep up the good work.

  7. Great to see some progress. I understand how difficult it can be blogging when you are out of the house! You have a lovely pool area. I like the look of that frangipani cutting in the pot too!

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