A sofa and a new bed frame.

I  spent a bit of money this afternoon.

It kind of made me feel a little sick…

Actually I’ve only paid the deposits for them.


The sofa is from Bay Leather Republic and is called Manor House.  It wasn’t cheap but we’ve got time to come up with the rest of the money because it won’t be ready for 16 – 24 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The bed frame is from Early Settlers .  It’s called Manor Queen Bed.  It was a lot  cheaper than the sofa and is available in December.  It was a total coincidence that both items have the same name too!

13 thoughts on “A sofa and a new bed frame.

  1. Both very nice pieces. I don’t want to know how much that couch was. Well, I do but I’ll prepare myself with chocolate (as you do) then google!

  2. Love the bed AND sofa – I spent about $3000 more than 12 years ago on a Freedom couch not unlike this one, and it was worth it – we still have it and I keep it fresh looking with the occasional leather polish. It hasn’t lost its relevance either. So any way you look at it, it’s a great investment in comfort and style!

  3. Classic and beautiful! A worthwhile investment. I have one cat who would rip the crap out of it … which is why we can’t have nice furniture. Sigh …

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