The old kitchen ‘soon to be bedroom’ update.

The old kitchen is SLOWLY being transformed into a new bedroom.  We are taking the time to strip back all of the timber walls (tongue and groove).  It’s an incredibly slow and laborious job but it will be worth it in the end.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

We found an interesting message written on the wall under the paint, on the original timber.

old pearly jenkins

It’s hard to make out in this photo but it says “shouldn’t take us long”….but of course the big question is … what was it that didn’t take long?

Was it nearly ‘knock off time’ and the ‘chippies’ building Pearl’s house were keen to finish the job and call it a day?  After all they may have been in a hurry to finish  as the pubs in Australia closed at 6.00pm back then.507958-bondi-pub StateLibQld_1_42307_Chardon's_Hotel,_Annerley,_ca__1929

The photo above was the closest pub to the house during the time the house was being built.  However it was demolished in 1959 and was replaced with this ugly thing!!!


9 thoughts on “The old kitchen ‘soon to be bedroom’ update.

  1. How cool is that? We found a pencil drawing of “My Little Pony” and traced handprints on the wall when we reno’d one of our baths. I had forgotten about. My daughters’ (then 6 and 10) and niece’s (2). These young ladies are now 26, 30 and 22.

  2. Hola. What a job. However, it is amazing what you can find. I love how it instantly triggers your imagination and takes to you a place where you are dreaming up who wrote it, under what circumstances, and when. The possibilities are endless!


  3. I found a packet of “Bluing” behind the baseboard in a kitchen I remodeled . Bluing came in tiny sheets and was soaked in water to make ink or was put into the white clothes to make them appear whiter. I imagined that someone was sweeping the house and swept the little envelope under the baseboard. And whomever purchased it, perhaps the woman of the house, walked around for weeks saying, “What in the world could have happened to that new packet of Bluing?”
    In the town I am from, the town tore down the Victorian train station. It was replaced with a cinder block building. Forty years after that, they took the cinder block building down and put up a copy of the Victorian building.
    Hope you keep your strength up on the building project…lots and lots of work, I can see.

  4. Mrs. P says:

    How neat! You have special stories to go with the remodel. Absolutely terrible what the did to that pub!

  5. It would be so cool if that old hotel was still there! I am still hoping to find a windfall of money stashed in the walls of my house, but so far, no luck. Your raccoon lampshade is really cute, btw!

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