The hunt for a coffee table.

And what a hunt it’s been! I thought finding a coffee table for the living area would be easy.. but when it comes to trying to find the right coffee table for a decent price it was harder that I thought. I initially had thought that I’d like to have a go at making a padded ottoman . Something like this.


or this..


I’d read a few DIY blogs and they made it look kind of easy.


I’d even gone as far as hunting through op shops, Gumtree and ebay looking for a second-hand coffee table.  I was excited about making it and had even roped my ‘ever faithful mother’ into helping me.

But then last week when we were finally able to unwrap the sofa that was delivered back in march and unroll the pom-pom rug we brought last year, we realised that we just wouldn’t  have the room for a large coffee table. So I abandoned the ottoman idea and started the hunt for a small coffee table.

In hindsight it’s probably better not to add another project to the ever-growing list.  I’d purchased another old timber standard lamp a few weeks before that needs my attention first.

I went to the online shops of  Ikea, Freedom, Domayne, , Early Settler, Vast Interior, Oz Design, , Far Pavilions, Matt Blatt …….and so on….. until I finally found one at Nick Scali

It will fit the space perfectly and was it on sale!!!!   It has a concrete table top.  Something different, I’ve always wanted a concrete bench top in the kitchen but they’re not cheap, so this is a great compromise

old pearly jenkins I have to now wait a week to pick it up from their warehouse.  (don’t ask me why..  I rung today to see if I could come and get it but I was told I have to book in a ‘pick up’.  Far out!!  


10 thoughts on “The hunt for a coffee table.

  1. Sonia Couling says:

    Hi Guys, Not sure if it works hitting reply to this. Just wanted to say the house is looking great! You have been working very hard, but is looks fab. Must be getting annoying all that mess before the amazing part happens. A year without an oven Jesus.

    Also we have very similar taste … Just finishing off our kitchen

    And look at me old coffee table…

    Me poof…. Which I have now replaced with these bad boys…

    Anyhow’s I enjoy ya getting your blog!

    How the bloody hell are ya??? All good here off to Bali in July so no Brisvegas again this year. Went yo Melbourne on a buying trip in fen filled up a container fun times.

    Trust all is well with you two & the boys & cats. Love Sandra you can call me Sandy

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hello!! It is all looking fantastic! I do have a random question (not related to this post but to a comment you made on another blog!) We have bought our own renovator (cue excitement, nausea & happiness!). You made a comment on sunshine and paint pots about their pink bath. We have one-and a sink…I was wondering (in amongst this rambling) if you happen to know any resprayers? I want to keep the pink-i LOVE it!

    Any decisions on the coffee table??

    • I am so sorry for not replying to your question sooner.

      We’ve had some awful ‘pain in the bum’ problems with our computer.
      A pink tub and sink!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!

      We had a really nice man come to our house and have a look at our bath tub because we were keen to have it resurfaced.
      It’s not cheap to do but if the bath and the sink are really amazing, it might be worthwhile investment.
      It’s funny, the owner of the business talked us out of doing it and showed us that by using some REALLY fine sandpaper, you can soften the scratches.
      We did this and it worked.
      The owner of this business was in Hawthorne, Riding Road. I did try calling a few other businesses around Brisbane (Browns Plains, Logan) but he was the only one that bothered to call or email me back.
      Keep me posted.
      PS. If you’re husband is happy to have a pink bath and tub, he’s AWSOME!

      • Don’t apologise! Thanks for getting back to me 🙂 I have been speaking with a couple of panel beaters-we would take them to them and they could respray…sounds promising! This weekend we put in a temporary floor (so as to not fall through 😉 until we have decided on the final design etc…so many choices! The coffee table looks great btw!

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