Possums LOVE pasta!

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

Nothing like some warm leftover spaghetti and burnt garlic bread to fill the bellies of our little furry friends on a cold winters night!!!

The one nibbling on the spaghetti  is the same possum that has been living in the roof of the house when we first moved in.  The little possum in the top photo is her latest offspring.



6 thoughts on “Possums LOVE pasta!

    • No they’re not living in the houses we made for them….. The little buggers!!!!!
      Mummy possum is still living in the roof with her latest offspring. The possum boxes are still hanging up down the dark side of the house, empty, vacant roomy little houses …… Jeez who knew possums could be so fussy.

    • We inherited them with the house. They are soooo cute and really friendly.
      However they’re not so cute when they leave a trail of poo around the garden lol!!!! (Pretty easy to sweep up with a dust pan and brush)

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