I’ve really struggled to take some decent photos of the new bathroom downstairs and the ensuite.  Below is the ensuite.

So here goes nothing!!

old pearly jenkins

Simple glass screens from Highgrove Bathrooms and a Methven  exposure rail shower.

We’ve used white subway tiles from floor to ceiling on all walls of the bathrooms.  With penny rounds on the floor.

old pearly jenkins

Special little niches for shaving legs and storage.

I’m really disappointed with the result of the floor tiles.  The tiler has not done a good job hiding the joins between each sheet.  Unfortunately We were not aware of this until the job was finished.

We’ve used mosaic sheets in a previous house renovation, with Mr F installing them.  He did an amazing job without a single join to be seen.  but short of getting the builder to get his tiler to come back and do it again, we’re stuck with them (rant over).

old pearly jenkins old pearly jenkins

A wall hung basin and simple toilet suite both Caroma.

Basically we wanted the bathrooms to still have a vintage, older feel but with a modern twist.

old pearly jenkins

Here is Mr F attaching the toilet roll holder in an unconventional way!



16 thoughts on “Bathrooms

  1. Ugh, we’ve had the same floor tiling issues. My tiler redid it because the first time it was REALLY bad, and the second time it came out better but still not perfect. But he never came back to finish the job, so I’m finishing it myself and keeping his money.

    • I wish that we’d said something at the time. He just had a really bad attitude too which didn’t help. He was going to lay the subway tiles butted up to each other. We told him that we wanted to use spacers. We actually had to go out and spend $60.00 on the spacers as he didn’t have or use them.
      You should see the tiling job he’s done in the cupboard where we keep the washing machine and tub. He’s left a gap at the bottom bigger enough to stick your thumb in. I didn’t get the opportunity to show the builder who hired him because he was never on sight either.

      • I wonder if you could find quarter round tile to go right over the gap where the wall meets the floor. It’d look like you did it on purpose. Or a sanitary cove baseboard, but I think I’d like the quarter round better. Some of the most basic basic (American) brands of glazed ceramic tile have a really wide variety of trim pieces. Daltile or American Olean, if they’re available in your area.

  2. Joanne S says:

    What a fantastic shower room. Sorry your dealing with a troublesome tiler. It can be so frustrating. Hang in there.

  3. We used 1-inch hex tiles on our floor, and I had to use lots of muscle to make sure the sheets were properly butted. It was NOT easy, and it’s not perfect, but I tried my best. I would expect better of a pro! Still, your bath looks pretty with all the white tile! Love the low ledge!

  4. Your new bathroom is lovely, but I’d make sure you are happy. You’ve worked so hard and waited so long. I wouldn’t put up with it, my far-away friend. Give me his number, I’ll call him up! I’ve had this kind of thing happen so many times. So, so many times. I once had a guy lay new laminate flooring over the carpet! Without taking the carpet up! I can’t stand it.

    • You’re so so sweet!!!!!
      It’s hard to keep track of things as they happen, especially when we are work all day.
      Are you serious about the guy laying the laminate over carpet???? Now that would be the most laziest tradie that I’ve EVER heard of!!!!

  5. Thank you.

    It IS frustrating and it would keep me awake at night sometimes just thinking about it but there isn’t a lot we can do now.
    The builder we used was so consumed with other projects he had going that he rarely showed his face. In fact he never came over at the end to see if we were happy with the end result. He just sent a builder inspector around to tick everything off.

    We will just move on.

  6. Love the toilet roll installation holder photo. It’s tricky work getting in and around and just getting the right angle sometimes! And sorry to hear about the tiles – I agree – you should be compensated. It’s frustrating when tradies have poor attitudes and then don’t meet your expectations.

  7. Ugh, I feel your pain on this one! We had builder/tile contractor issues when we had tile laid in our kitchen and bathrooms…we’ve had the tile person back half a dozen times to fix grout that’s cracking and crumbling. They didn’t level the floor properly in the kitchen and so I’m not sure if the grout will ever remain uncracked no matter how many times the tiles are regrouted. It’s awful to put so much time and energy into a project and trust the person you hired to actually want to do decent work and then have an end product that’s not right. Your bathroom is very nice, though and I love your choice of penny tile on the floor. Very pretty bathroom!

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