Relove Inc

Late on Wednesday afternoon we had a quick look in a relatively new Antiques/café place in Oxley called Relove Inc and bought this old music chart.  It was a little dirty but nothing that a good wash with hot soapy water wouldn’t fix.

old pearly jenkins old pearly jenkins old pearly jenkins

Can you see the little lizard poking its head out from under the cupboard door?

old pearly jenkins

It’s now hanging on a bare wall in the living area.

(Please don’t look too closely at the arms of the red chair.! Naughty Rose has been using it for a scratching post!!!!)  It normally has a cover on it but I’ve taken it off to make the photo look nicer HA HA!!

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

little bugger!



12 thoughts on “Relove Inc

    • They really are! they just don’t understand. We’ve tried the Scratch post idea but they’re not interested. They prefer something that you’ve spent a lot more money on LOL!!

  1. That is an odd manuscript for this canvas! Saint Saens wrote this work called Carnival of the Animals and you’ve bought the percussion extracts of the work on a weird canvas, suggesting it was used in a secondary school’s band class. Its’s usually published in a simple A4 size which is why it’s odd to see it in this format. I’ve played the work on cello several times. The Swan is synonymous with the cello and has been famously recorded by all the world’s great cellists.

    • Jess thanks so much for all this information.
      We were told that they bought a lot of old musical ‘stuff’ from a music teacher at Corinda. He evidently taught in the 1960’s and 1970’s. We did listen to a few different recordings of it on Youtube. On the reverse side it has The Fossil.

    • Thank you! I wish we could have the cover off but we do take it off when we have visitors over, so I guess the cover is doing a job protecting what is left of the upholstery !

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