House numbers


I recently bought these timber stars from a table of Christmas Decorations at  adorne, West end.  They were reduced to $5.00 each, originally $29.95!!! (seriously who would pay that?)

old pearly jenkins

I thought I could paint one to match the front door, add the house number to it and hang it over the pickets on the gate. (I bought two in case someone decided to pinch the first one),  I picked up some cheap plastic numbers from Bunnings  and slapped on some pink paint.

old pearly jenkins old pearly jenkins

But… Mr F (my husband) said that I was lucky that  he was willing to have a pink front door,  but the pink star hanging over the gate was ‘taking it too far!!!!’ He doesn’t want ‘to live in a gingerbread house!!!’  fair enough.

so we compromised, it now hangs over the outdoor light on the front porch.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

I might paint the other star in a different colour, so I can swap them over occasionally.  I’ve got some left over paint from the boys t.v cabinet, the desk and the door on the garden shed .

old pearly jenkins




18 thoughts on “House numbers

  1. Just love both your door colors. The stars is a nice addition, and looks great with the numbers. I had to chuckle at your husband’s reaction–a guy can only endure so much pink, I guess! I have to give him credit, though; my husband is pretty interested in design, but I’m not sure I could talk him into a pink anything.

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