Supporting local businesses.

Iold pearly jenkins

When I turned 40 (not last year but the year before) my oldest son bought me a lovely gift from The Collective Store at Wynum.

It was a pink bird screen printed onto a piece of salvaged timber made by a local business call Mason Sinclair. I absolutely loved it and have since collected a few more

I really like the concept behind the shop The Collective Store.  It’s a fantastic way for local artists and craftspeople to showcase and potentially sell their works.

How nice is it to know that you’ve purchased something  that hasn’t been mass-produced and seen in every mall across the country!

It’s all about supporting local businesses !!!!!

old pearly jenkins






10 thoughts on “Supporting local businesses.

  1. Joanne S says:

    Love the collective display. You are so right on to support small businesses and local artists – the very soul of any community!

  2. I like the vintage prints, especially with your lamp! I agree, it’s great to support local businesses and artists. Here in the States, everything’s getting so homogenized.

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