Progress on the garden shed – Part three.

We wanted the shed to look as much like the house as possible so we used weather boards.  We looked at recycled (demolition yard) timber but it was the same price as brand new!.

old pearly jenkins20140726_153552

It’s winter here in Australia and we lose the sun in the back garden early in the afternoon but this didn’t stop us slapping on some undercoat late on a Sunday afternoon.

old pearly jenkins

Everything in the photos below  has been organised and now lives in the shed.

old pearly jenkins

It is looking super organised at the moment but give it time…. We used some leftover bench top from the pantry to a workbench, some old ikea shelves for storage and LOADS of hooks and screws to hang things.

You all know what it’s like when you can’t be bothered to put things away, they tend to be just dumped somewhere but hey… this has a door and we can hide the mess!!!

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins



Happy Australia Day!!!


It’s been a very wet day here in Brisbane today, much to the disappointment of many Queenslander’s who probably had plans to spend it at the beach or at home with  family, friends, beers and a bbq.   We’ve had a very  hot and dry Summer so far so I’m enjoying the cooler temperature and the rain.

Because its Australia Day, I feel its only fitting that I post these photos.

Twice a week I drive to Ipswich for work.  For those not familiar with Brisbane, Ipswich City is approximately a 30 – 40 minute drive from Brisbane.  I pass some beautiful old ‘Queenslanders’ on my route and some that have seen better days. Sitting on a very busy road by some traffic lights there is a house that is a little worse for wear.  But if you look really closely you’ll see an Emu and a Kangaroo in the gable panel.  It is, I believe the Coat of arms of Australia. 

I found some interesting information about fretwork gabled panels on the The Woodworkers’ Company website.




You can still  buy something similar from timber joinery suppliers like the Woodworkers’ Company .  There are other designs available  too but not quite so Patriotic!