Gumtree treasures.

This advertisement on Gumtree just caught my eye. If you live in Brisbane and like interesting vintage pieces for your home this could be worth checking out.


The ad was listed on the 19th of December 2014, so some or many of the items listed may have gone but if you’ve got nothing planned for the weekend, it could be worth a trip to Beenleigh.

old pearly jenkins



The front door.

old pearly jenkins

Do you like the colour of the front door?

I know not everyone is going to like it but we’re really happy with it!!!

Tomorrow the slab for the carport is going to be poured.  fingers crossed the job is completed by Christmas.





June Mary

A few weeks ago we lost a very special member of our family . June Mary, our lovely, sweet Nanny.


One of the main reasons I began this blog was so that my grandparents could be kept up to date with the renovations.  Despite the fact that they only lived thirty minutes from us, it wasn’t as easy for them to jump in the car and pop over as much as they would have  liked.

For as long as I can remember, my grandparents have always  been keen DIY’ers,  Nanny always keen to pull up her shirt sleeves and give things ago but in her element out in the garden.


Accessing the internet was a new thing for them and a challenge at the best of times but they were always keen to know what was going on here at the house, I would encourage them to jump online and  ‘check out Old Pearly Jenkins’.  With a few hiccups here and there, they’d do it, ringing me to give us praise and bucket loads of encouragement.

My Nan was a twin, born in Derby, United Kingdom on the 29th of May 1937.  June and Valerie , the only children for Bernard and Florence (Flo).

1old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

June met my grandfather Stan  the mid 1950s. They married and started a family.  My mother Beverley, the oldest of their three daughters.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins6

Stan joined the British Army, The Royal Leicestershire Regiment and together as a family had the opportunity to live in Malta and Germany as well as other parts of the United Kingdom.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

After my grandfather retired from the Army in the early 1970s the family emigrated to New Zealand and eventually to Brisbane, Australia.

In the last few months of Nanny’s life I would go to their house after work on Wednesdays for dinner.  After the dishes were done, the television would be turned off and the three of us would pull our chairs together.

Between the two of them they would talk about their lives together and I would quietly listen and record these conversations on my phone.  Both Nanny and Stan wanted their stories recorded before it was too late.  I’m so glad that we spent the time doing this.  We have captured these precious memories forever.

Never one to dwell on the negative, Nanny June soldiered on despite being so ill,  always with a big cheeky grin and a funny joke to share.  Only in the later part of the illness did the cracks being to show.

She was taking a lot of medication to try to ease the pain but the side effects were rough on her. But again, never would you hear her moan or complain!  She was just so grateful for the little extensions of time it gave her.

old pearly jenkins

Stan and June celebrating their wedding anniversary this year.


Always full of positivity, laughter and happiness our lives seem a little empty without Nanny June.  My grandfather Stan has lost his best mate, my heart goes out to him.

juneold pearly jenkins

I miss you Nan,  we all miss you xox



An ‘addition’ to the porch.

It was about this time last year we cleaned up and repainted the front porch.  It looked really good for a few weeks and then the builders damaged a lot of the paint work when they were using the porch to cut timber (very careless).

old pearly jenkins

Anyhooo… we finally got around to painting the area where the front door used to be and hang up this very large chalkboard.

old pearly jenkins

We’ve had it for quite a few years now.

It came out of Mr F’s classroom, and was being replaced with a whiteboard.  It was destined for the skip bin!!!   Once home we discovered that it had originally come from the school a few minutes walk from home.  The school that Mr F teaches in another part of Brisbane, a good half an hours drive.

Now it’s back in the same suburb it came from originally and is hanging proudly in the porch!

Last night after dinner Mr F was marking a pile of school books and read something out to me that made him chuckle.  It was an answer to a maths question.

 Create your own multiplication using children and lollies . Write your story.                                                          (3 marks)


I had 14 lollies and I wanted to give them to two children.

How many hats do they have each?


I thought it was gorgeous and wanted to share.  The ages of the children in his class are seven and eight.  (lollies = candy).



The hunt for a front door.

I took a few days off this week as it’s the school holidays here to spend some time with the family but I still managed to squeeze in a bit of time to look for a front door.  I’ve been on the look out for so long now for a front door with a port-hole window.  When I make my regular visits to various building recyclers here in Brisbane they’ve never got them.

But on Wednesday my luck changed.  We went to a building recyclers at Northgate on Brisbane’s north side and they had two of them!!!

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

I loved the stained glass window but it needs work (plus don’t you think it looks kind of phallic? ..filthy mind??).  So We brought the white ‘windowless’ door.  The plan is to do something like this.


In the meantime we dropped it off to Earth safe John in Salisbury to be stripped.

Mr F would have preferred to buy a brand spanking new door that ‘looks old’ and I know the builders are going to be muttering under their breaths when they’re trying to hang it because it’s bound to be wonky or something but   I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Possum eviction Part 3.


old pearly jenkins

Yesterday the roofers arrived and pulled off all the old corrugated iron and then the rain arrived!

We haven’t had any decent rain here in Brisbane for MONTHS!! when I left for work the rain was coming through the extractor fan in the bathroom.  What can you do?  I left the problem to the professionals and came home last night to a roof covered in tarpaulins.

Late last night we had a storm….. The tarps were flapping like CRAZY but we stayed dry.  Today the sun is out and the roofers are back.  Fingers and toes crossed they manage to secure the roof before it rains again.

No sign of the possums!!

Possum eviction Part 2.

This afternoon we hung the possum houses on a fence down the side of the house. It’s very shady and hopefully the possums feel it’s safe enough too!
I managed to entice one of the resident possums into the first house in the row. We call him Sniffer because he sniffs really loudly.

old pearly jenkins

Each night I’ll keep encouraging them to go into the boxes.  I really hope it works (fingers crossed).

Very similar.

old pearly jenkins

I saw this house in the paper last weekend and it looks very similar to how our house will look when it’s finished. Our front door will be on the other side though, under the porch and we’re not enclosing the porch. Just adding some plantation shutters.

I’m always on the lookout for houses in Brisbane built using the same design as ours.  Even the position of the houses on either side look similar.
old pearly jenkins

Only in Queensland?

I saw this sign today…
and it made me wonder how many people have paused to rest in the shade of this mighty tree and been struck by a falling Mango.
Actually, it must be quite a few if the local council has had to erect a warning sign.
Am I wicked to see the funny side of this???old pearly jenkins