A lamp shade and a Koala

Before we left our house I grabbed a few projects that I’d like to find the time to do.  One is  to find some fabric  to recover a lamp shade to go with the pink lamp base I’d painted earlier this year.  The turquoise shade  developed a mysterious  large dent.  hmmmm….boys?

old pearly jenkins

I’ve brought a very cheap lamp shade from Bunnings, cut out a template from butchers paper, brought the adhesive spray, watched some YouTube videos and now I’m on the hunt for some suitable  fabric.

old pearly jenkins

I’ve seen some gorgeous lamp shades …..



I have fallen in love with this owl lamp shade.  The website Little Treasures that I found this shade on is worth checking out.  They have several other designs and they’re all equally as lovely.

I’m still on the hunt for fabric that I like.  I have visited many different online fabric stores and came across one that has some brilliant fabrics.  It turns out the business is here in Brisbane.  It’s called Voodoo Rabbit and is on Stanley Street, East Brisbane.


Acacia Racoons Canyon by Free Spirit

voodoo rabbit

A Ghastlie Night Mold Green by Alexander Henry


A Ghastlie Gallery Smoke by Alexander Henry

I recently bought a chocolate-brown and  rather battered , plaster Koala from The Cottage Garden Nursery at East Brisbane.  I’ve left it at my parent’s house and my lovely mother has started to sand it down.  I’ve been perusing the spray can aisle at Bunnings for a colour.

old pearly jenkins

Any suggestions?

Happy Monday.

I’ve had a lovely day today, out shopping for tiles and toilets for the upstairs bathroom with my mum.

But before we did this we went out for coffee and cake at The Cottage Garden Nursery, Stanley Street, East Brisbane.  I really wanted to share this photo of the cheesecake that my mum was getting stuck into before it was all gone.



The cake portions at this cafe are HUGE!!

The flavour of the cheesecake was ‘turkish delight and white chocolate’. Ok.. maybe a cheesecake with turkish delight doesn’t tickles your fancy but for those who do…. check out the chunks of it inside.  It was amazing!!!! The icing on the cake (pardon the pun) was a delicate sprinkling of rose petals on the top. Yummo!!!

Sadly because chocolate, dark,milk and white gives me hideous migraines I only sampled a few spoonfuls (plus the leftovers  – fingers crossed x) and ordered this ‘orange and almond cake’ with orange syrup. It was delicious too.  Did I mention that the freshly whipped cream had real vanilla stirred through it?  If you haven’t already worked it out, I have a serious sweet tooth!!!!!!