What’s for Dinner?

Sometimes when we can’t think of what we want to have for dinner I take a drive down to the West End and go the George’s Seafood on Boundary Street.  It’s as authentic as fish and chip shops get.


The seafood is fresh and delicious, the hand cut chips are amazing, they remind me of how they used to look and taste when I was a child.  Whenever we go, there is always a queue. One of the ladies that works there that may come across as a little gruff and unfriendly but it kind of adds to the atmosphere.  I have witnessed a softer side to her though, one Saturday afternoon last winter.  My youngest son was quite unwell but still wanted to come with me to get some dinner.  She was quite concerned about him and told him to make sure he ate ALL of his fish and to squeeze lots of lemon juice all over it.  The next time we went, she smiled when she saw him and said it was good to see him looking better.

Last week we had fish and chips and we had a few chips left over.  It was dark and I thought the possums would be out for the night.  I decided to leave them in the cupboard for their breakfast.  To my surprise ‘baby’ was still home.  He didn’t even bother to sit up when I gave him a chip.  He loved them!!!!! I hope he saved some for his mum.