The front porch makeover.

For months now we’ve been working on the front porch.  I spent many hours stripping back the layers of paint so we could have a nice smooth surface to work with.  It’s eventually going to be closed in with Plantation shutters and the front door will go.  But for the meantime we thought we’d use up the left over paint from the bathroom and give the porch a bit of a make over.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

My mother added a trim of yellow ‘rick rack’ to the euro pillowcases

old pearly jenkins

I brought at Adairs. And I brought the ‘home’ cushion from Adairs at Indooroopilly. I was tossing up whether to return this cushion as I’m kind of thinking that this decorating style using letters, quotes and words has been ‘done to death’.  I left the tag on the cushion and decided to give it a day or two.

The following day, I walked through the front door after a long day at work and saw the HOME cushion sitting on the sofa and said to myself  ahhhh… home sweet home. So Yes I decided to keep it.

hb1013_cover_nb_192q5oa-192q613old pearly jenkins

In the latest issue of  Home Beautiful I spotted an outdoor rug that I thought would look good on the porch. It’s made from recycled polypropylene.  I was going to order one online but decided on Saturday afternoon to go for a look around the shops at East Brisbane and Wooloongabba and saw the rug for sale at adrift.  It was meant to be.

It’s time to zhush the bathroom.

Yes we are ready to zhush the bathroom.  Below is a photo of what it looked like when the house was a rental.


It’s kind of hard to see but there are white subway tiles in the shower, over the bath and behind the basin and toilet (not shown in photo). We’re guessing that this was done anywhere from five to ten years ago.  Overall they’re not in a bad state and we like subway tiles and plan on using them in the new bathrooms and as a splashback behind the oven in the kitchen.

The bath is scratched up and there are a few rust stains too.

The idea is … to get a few quotes to see how much it will cost to get the bath and the tiles resurfaced. Or  just rip the whole lot out and start again.  I’ve been looking at a few websites and it looks like it’s going to cost $500 to get the bath done alone and I know you can pick up a new bath from our local hardware for $100.  So we’ve got someone coming over to give us a quote on Friday… To be continued….

Last year I picked up a bargain with this basin.  It was the shop display and the style was being discontinued.  It came with the taps and a bargain at $199.00


I’ve also ordered  some new tiles for the floor from  Elite Bathware & Tiles, East Brisbane.  They are Vietnamese and are made from cement.


They weren’t cheap but we only needed 3.36sqm!!

We’ve been trying to find a toilet that is similar to the pedestal sink and today I found one at Bathroom Warehouse in Coorparoo, Yay!!! and $200 cheaper than the toilet I was going to order yesterday.


I like the idea of painting the walls a dark grey too.


Below are some images that I’ve found of bathrooms that I like.