Week ?

We moved home last Saturday and it’s been a busy week.  Lots of Christmas shopping and of course Christmas Day, which was lovely.  We have access to the house.

old pearly jenkins

The concrete pad was poured.  Yay!!!!!


We’ve finally taken the old sink out of the kitchen

.old pearly jenkins

  old pearly jenkins

Behind it was pretty grim but Mr F has been very busy with the heat gun stripping back the layers of paint.

old pearly jenkins

 Here he is working on Christmas morning.  No rest for the wicked!!!!

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

Percy is happy to be home!

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

The company I keep on cold Saturday nights.

For the pass month I have been slowly trying to strip back all paint from the front porch.  As I work full-time I try to do a little at night.  It’s an incredibly BORING job but today I finished the walls.  I’ve just got to work on the rest of the timber trims.  THEN it all needs sanding.


Last night I had company while I worked. This possum is a new visitor. It wasn’t bothered by the noise of the heat gun, which sounds like a hair dryer.  Maybe it was enjoying the warmth that the heat gun produces.  It was a little cold last night.old pearly jenkins