Progress on the garden shed – Part three.

We wanted the shed to look as much like the house as possible so we used weather boards.  We looked at recycled (demolition yard) timber but it was the same price as brand new!.

old pearly jenkins20140726_153552

It’s winter here in Australia and we lose the sun in the back garden early in the afternoon but this didn’t stop us slapping on some undercoat late on a Sunday afternoon.

old pearly jenkins

Everything in the photos below  has been organised and now lives in the shed.

old pearly jenkins

It is looking super organised at the moment but give it time…. We used some leftover bench top from the pantry to a workbench, some old ikea shelves for storage and LOADS of hooks and screws to hang things.

You all know what it’s like when you can’t be bothered to put things away, they tend to be just dumped somewhere but hey… this has a door and we can hide the mess!!!

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins


The hunt for a coffee table.

And what a hunt it’s been! I thought finding a coffee table for the living area would be easy.. but when it comes to trying to find the right coffee table for a decent price it was harder that I thought. I initially had thought that I’d like to have a go at making a padded ottoman . Something like this.


or this..


I’d read a few DIY blogs and they made it look kind of easy.


I’d even gone as far as hunting through op shops, Gumtree and ebay looking for a second-hand coffee table.  I was excited about making it and had even roped my ‘ever faithful mother’ into helping me.

But then last week when we were finally able to unwrap the sofa that was delivered back in march and unroll the pom-pom rug we brought last year, we realised that we just wouldn’t  have the room for a large coffee table. So I abandoned the ottoman idea and started the hunt for a small coffee table.

In hindsight it’s probably better not to add another project to the ever-growing list.  I’d purchased another old timber standard lamp a few weeks before that needs my attention first.

I went to the online shops of  Ikea, Freedom, Domayne, , Early Settler, Vast Interior, Oz Design, , Far Pavilions, Matt Blatt …….and so on….. until I finally found one at Nick Scali

It will fit the space perfectly and was it on sale!!!!   It has a concrete table top.  Something different, I’ve always wanted a concrete bench top in the kitchen but they’re not cheap, so this is a great compromise

old pearly jenkins I have to now wait a week to pick it up from their warehouse.  (don’t ask me why..  I rung today to see if I could come and get it but I was told I have to book in a ‘pick up’.  Far out!!  

What a mess!

Last week at work, a colleague told me that she loved the dress I was wearing but it was missing a necklace.  I totally agreed and told her that my necklaces were a tangled mess and that morning after struggling to free at least one of them, I’d thrown them all back in my jewellery box and gave up. When I got home that afternoon I took this photo to show her my problem.

old pearly jenkins

  I didn’t bring all my necklaces with me when we left the house.  The spotty blue thing is an eye mask.  It’s got me thinking about ways I can store and display them.  I’d like to hang them inside the new walk in wardrobe. There are so many cute hooks available to buy!  Here are a few examples of ones that I like.

PicMonkey Collage

I was all set to order some online but when I was at Early Settler today paying for the bed I spotted this on sale for $25.00!  It will do the job.  I think I’ll paint the timber though.

old pearly jenkins