So where did Pearl and Charles go?

It’s not very exciting, I had a look at the Australian electoral rolls and in 1943 found Pearl and Charles living at 6 Ridge Street, Northgate. It’s definitely a bigger house than this one.  They must have needed a bigger house because at some point they had two sons, Keith and Colin.


The 1943 electoral roll has Pearl’s occupation listed as ‘home duties’ and Charles as ‘bus driver’ and this is how it stayed until records stop in 1980.


In 1954 Keith is listed as ‘labourer’, 1958 as ‘grocer’ and in 1972 as ‘shop assistant’.  Colin is also listed in 1972 as ‘shop assistant’.

Hang on this is where it gets really exciting…. in 1980 Keith had MOVED OUT!!! his address had changed.  He was living in Chermside.