Week 1

How exciting!!!

The builders arrived on Tuesday last week and began to create a walk in wardrobe (WIR) and ensuite for the main bedroom upstairs.  It’s very hard to show what they’ve done with photos but I’ll do my best.

old pearly jenkins

The really bad photo above is trying to show a room that is known here as a ‘sleep out’ it would have had timber Louvre style windows running the length of it but sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s they were replaced with aluminium sliders.

16 Sleepout in Old Queenslander House

A  ‘sleep out’, here in Queensland, refers to a room that is  an enclosed verandah. ‘Sleep outs’ were originally created for extra sleeping space  and is meant to be cooler than the main house.  A ‘sleep out ‘ was either part of  the original construction of the home or quite often a  verandah would be enclosed.  The photo above is one I’ve found on google.  I love the old lino.  Judging by the slope of the ceiling this must have been a verandah originally.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

The photo above shows the new opening from the main bedroom to the future ensuite and WIR.  We’ve chosen not to have a door put on but instead have doors on the WIR and ensuite.  It will make the room feel a little bigger this way.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

The builders are very tidy.  The photo on the right is my attempt to show you what is happening in the kitchen.  This little room is going to become a study area off the bedroom.  It was up until last week, a toilet and the back door.  The small window will be replaced with double casement windows.

old pearly jenkins

The possum houses are at least providing a shady spot for a neighbourhood cat.  This cat is called Echo.

Remnants of past residents.

It may not be very interesting to some but to me its been quite special  finding  these small bits and pieces.

old pearly jenkins

The brightness of the lino is so cheerful.  It was under some stinky cupboards in the kitchen.  There was newspaper under it but it’s still stuck to the floor.  The coins and the comb were in the main bedroom, wedged between the skirting boards and the walls.  the plastic lion and the broken fork were buried in the garden.

Old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

The bright lino teamed up with the original green on the walls would have made it a very  colourful kitchen.