Worms, maggots and chooks.

Under the back door stairs we have a worm farm.  We’ve had it for about six months now and once or twice a week  I feed the worms with fruit and vege scraps.  Just in the past month the worm farm has been invaded by maggots! A disgusting fly must have found its way in and laid a gazillion eggs.


I have very patiently been extracting the revolting things and have been feeding them to our neighbours hens.  They LOVE them!!!!



We brought the worm farm for the youngest son,  He has a great interest in gardening but as it turns out no interest what so ever in worm farming.  I’m looking after them and Mr F is very happy with the ‘worm wee’ that the worm farm produces.


Every weekend I bottle up another brew for him.  It absolutely stinks!! Seriously putrid  but it’s so good for the garden.