Books galore.

This afternoon, to escape the Summer heat we went to the Lifeline Bookfest.  We spent a few hours rummaging through the hundreds upon thousands of low-priced second-hand books.  I could have spent a lot of money today but chose to only search in the $1.00 section.  It was reasonably busy while we were there, very organised and experienced Bookfest shoppers came prepared with their suitcases (on wheels).   The photo below doesn’t do it justice.  It was MASSIVE!!!


What would Dan Brown say  if he saw this?  Maybe in a few years the pile might be Fifty Shades of Grey (just saying).


Old Pearly jenkins

The boys found a few books and I came away with these pearlers. (sorry about the shadow)


The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie – We had to read this at school, I struggled through it then but would like to try reading it again.

A Pocket German Dictionary – Middle son is starting high school and learning German.

Building your Life –  This edition was printed in 1958 and covers topics such as Dating: Going steady and Hours to Get In, Dating Manners: Calling for your date – should you take flowers?, Your Emotional Growth: Growth of affection, crushes, love for your parents, bodily reactions to emotions. I can’t wait to read embarrassing  snippets aloud  to the boys in the car when they can’t escape.  HAHA!!!

It’s running from the 19th – 28th of January here in Brisbane.  Its located at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre at South Bank.  It’s free to get in and all the funds raised go to help support Lifeline’s 24 hour Crisis and Counselling Line.


The house…..

The house itself is quite compact.  When we came to look through the house for the first time the tenants were home and it was kind of awkward.  It was a very quick visit but we knew that it had potential.  It still had some original features like VJ walls and picture rails.

Old Pearly JenkinsOld Pearly Jenkins

The block is ’16 Perches’, 405 sqm.  Yet the house is sitting quite close to the road which leaves quite a nice sized back garden.  Our first idea was  to push out from the kitchen and create a new living space.  After all the paperwork was done and we’d officially brought the house we contacted a building designer who had been recommended to us and he came to the house to help us work out what to do.

We told him that we needed to keep it under a certain price.  He explained to us that extending a house could get expensive and to use the footprint of the house would be cheaper.  So his idea was to raise it higher than it currently is and put the kitchen and living area downstairs.  Ok, we were cool with that.  He drew a rough sketch with us standing there.  It looked amazing and we got all excited.  The following day he sent us a better drawn ‘rough plan’ .

He seemed really motivated and we thought ‘this guy is young, fresh and eager, let’s go with his ideas.  So to cut a long story short.(its been a year, because the guy was growing a moustache.  So it was November)  He asked us to come into his office in Teneriffe.’Dahling’ and presented us with the plans.  The plans did look good and for the price of a trip for two to somewhere exotic they should have.

Old Pearly Jenkins

After throwing a few insults at us and showing more interest in the Friday night drinkies happening behind us we got up to leave.  His last remarks as we walked out of his office were  ‘ Yeah I think this is going to cost more than what you wanted to spend’. ….’Sorry??? Are you serious ?? did you listen to anything we had to say??.  We left and thought ‘well that was a waste of time and money.’ it was said with a lot more of #%!!*>these words though.  We left him to join the rest of the boys with their moustaches and Boutique beers.  What a jerk!!!!

As soon as the Christmas/New Year was over and everyone was back at work, we started getting quotes from builders.  The quotes were coming back $50 – $100K more than we could afford.  We just threw up our hands and walked away from the whole building ‘thing’ for a few months and focused on tidying up the house.  Mr F and the Older Mr F got stuck in and painted the lounge and dining area.

Old Pearly JenkinsOld Pearly Jenkins

We have used Dulux – White on White in these rooms.  In the last house we used Dulux – Fair Bianca and it seemed too close to cream for us.  We are happier with this  new white.

The orginal ceilings in the house are really interesting.  Each room has a different design.  the lounge and dining room ceiling are quite Art Deco in style yet the kitchen, and bedrooms are classic and pretty.  They were in pretty bad shape but each night before we moved in, Mr F would get stuck in after work.  He’s done a beautiful job in the main bedroom, dining and lounge room.

Old Pearly JenkinsOld Pearly Jenkins

The lights obviously needed replacing.  We went all over Brisbane looking for something suitable. Restoration Station on Waterworks Road, Ashgrove have a fantastic range at prices for all budgets.

Old Pearly JenkinsOld Pearly JenkinsOld Pearly Jenkins

The lights had to sympathetic to the age and style of the house and so we chose the lights (far right).  And here is what they look like installed.  We are happy with them.  Nice and simple.

Old Pearly Jenkins