The end of the kitchen!

I haven’t had a lot of spare time to update this blog recently as we’ve been so busy getting the house ready for the builders. The first thing we needed to do though, was find somewhere to live.

We put an ad on Gumtree and fortunately for us someone responded to the ad and are happy for us to bring the two cats with us.  I really hope it works!  The flat is under her house and she has a cat of her own.  Fingers crossed the three become the best of friends.

The builders are going to start ripping out all the old fittings and ugly windows in the kitchen  and sleep out this week.  The kitchen will now be located downstairs and this room will be middle son’s bedroom.

old pearly jenkins

The room is empty except obviously the kitchen sink/cupboard and the oven.  Looking at it like this has had me thinking  about what it must have looked like when the house was first built.  I think they probably had a table under the window and perhaps a cabinet like in the picture below.


couple in kitchen

I’ve been looking online for some images to share and found some fantastic ones at the National Archives of Australia website.  Life was certainly different when this house was built.   I’m sure Mr & Mrs Jenkins had a few afternoon teas together in our kitchen Like this cheerful couple.