Progress on the garden shed – part one.

Many moons ago I add a post about my desire for a cute little shed for the garden.  We always knew that we weren’t going to have a garage to store the lawn mower and tools etc … storage is so important.  Especially for resale.

I even went shopping early last year for a door for it and a window.  Mr F was not excited about the idea at all!!!  and did not want to talk about it until……. a few weeks ago!!!!  Yay!!

He agreed that storage was an issue but couldn’t understand what was wrong with a ‘nice little tin shed’.  If we had lots of room down the sides of the house, I’d have agreed with him but we don’t and a tin shed would look ‘plain old ugly’!!

I dug my heels in and he finally gave in…. and so the shed began.

First things first.  The fence needed to be extended

.old pearly jenkins

This is my mum Nanny B, always ready to lend a hand.

20140628_110321 20140628_113121

It seems like such a long time ago since we built the fence for the washing line to be hung on but finally we have a fence that gives us a lot more privacy.