June Mary

A few weeks ago we lost a very special member of our family . June Mary, our lovely, sweet Nanny.


One of the main reasons I began this blog was so that my grandparents could be kept up to date with the renovations.  Despite the fact that they only lived thirty minutes from us, it wasn’t as easy for them to jump in the car and pop over as much as they would have  liked.

For as long as I can remember, my grandparents have always  been keen DIY’ers,  Nanny always keen to pull up her shirt sleeves and give things ago but in her element out in the garden.


Accessing the internet was a new thing for them and a challenge at the best of times but they were always keen to know what was going on here at the house, I would encourage them to jump online and  ‘check out Old Pearly Jenkins’.  With a few hiccups here and there, they’d do it, ringing me to give us praise and bucket loads of encouragement.

My Nan was a twin, born in Derby, United Kingdom on the 29th of May 1937.  June and Valerie , the only children for Bernard and Florence (Flo).

1old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

June met my grandfather Stan  the mid 1950s. They married and started a family.  My mother Beverley, the oldest of their three daughters.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins6

Stan joined the British Army, The Royal Leicestershire Regiment and together as a family had the opportunity to live in Malta and Germany as well as other parts of the United Kingdom.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

After my grandfather retired from the Army in the early 1970s the family emigrated to New Zealand and eventually to Brisbane, Australia.

In the last few months of Nanny’s life I would go to their house after work on Wednesdays for dinner.  After the dishes were done, the television would be turned off and the three of us would pull our chairs together.

Between the two of them they would talk about their lives together and I would quietly listen and record these conversations on my phone.  Both Nanny and Stan wanted their stories recorded before it was too late.  I’m so glad that we spent the time doing this.  We have captured these precious memories forever.

Never one to dwell on the negative, Nanny June soldiered on despite being so ill,  always with a big cheeky grin and a funny joke to share.  Only in the later part of the illness did the cracks being to show.

She was taking a lot of medication to try to ease the pain but the side effects were rough on her. But again, never would you hear her moan or complain!  She was just so grateful for the little extensions of time it gave her.

old pearly jenkins

Stan and June celebrating their wedding anniversary this year.


Always full of positivity, laughter and happiness our lives seem a little empty without Nanny June.  My grandfather Stan has lost his best mate, my heart goes out to him.

juneold pearly jenkins

I miss you Nan,  we all miss you xox




A fancy door knob for the bathroom cupboard.

The bathroom cupboard has only had its door knob on for a month or two but I couldn’t resist buying one of these cute colourful button knobs from REDCURRANT, when we were in New Zealand.  So cheap too, only $6.90 NZD.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins


old pearly jenkins

The coat hook was cute too.



A weekend in Auckland, New Zealand – Part One.

old pearly jenkins

Recently my mum and I went to Auckland, New Zealand to visit family but still managed to squeeze in a little shopping.  It was cold and raining when we went to Morris & James at Matakana and I decided to buy a blue pot to add to our collection  and worry about how I was going to get it home later…




I brought  the pot home as hand luggage, at customs I was asked to explain why I had a bucket in my bag.  I told them it was a plant pot.  The customs officer looked very puzzled but let me through.  He said it was the first time he’d ever had  someone bringing a plant pot onto a flight.  It was heavy but it looks right at home now with  a Duck topiary and Viola seedlings planted in it.

old pearly jenkins

Cupboard update

It’s been quite a while since Mr F dragged home the cupboard BUT he has just about finished it.

I’m popping over to New Zealand for the weekend and he has promised me that he will put the final coat on the doors and attach them to the cupboard.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

So this is what it looked like when he discovered it sitting out amongst other odds and ends. (kerb side collection) and this is how it looks now.  Just about finished.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

I could have tried to make it look a little nicer when I took the photo.  You know, added a vase of flowers or a few vintage items but this is what the cupboard is going to be used for.  It’s for the boys bedroom to store all the games for the Xbox 360, Wii etc…

Lighting ideas for the bathroom.

I’ve been trying to find examples of lights that people have used in older style bathrooms.  I really like the idea of using another pendant light similar to the one in the hall  but I’m worried that the rod will go rusty.

old pearly jenkins

Below is the only image I’ve been able to find so far, of a pendant light on a rod has been used in a bathroom.


This light (on the left) is hanging in the stairwell at my parents house.  I like this idea it but I’m wondering if this style is too modern for this particular bathroom.  Will this look date quickly too?

old pearly jenkins9121714c0e480908_0106-w548-h486-b0-p0--contemporary-pendant-lighting


The idea of having two wall lights either side of the basin seems to be popular.  I just don’t know.  Help!!


Mean while we’ve been working away at the ceiling and walls of the bathroom.  There is still so much to do before the fun stuff starts like painting the walls and laying the floor tiles.  I’ve spent most of the day scraping and sanding the bathroom window and I broke one of the panes!!! sooo annoying!!!

Mr F has been working hard to undercoat and paint the bathroom door.  His sister is coming  from New Zealand to stay with us for a week (arriving tomorrow) and we’re sure she’d prefer a door rather than the sheet we’ve been using.