Very similar.

old pearly jenkins

I saw this house in the paper last weekend and it looks very similar to how our house will look when it’s finished. Our front door will be on the other side though, under the porch and we’re not enclosing the porch. Just adding some plantation shutters.

I’m always on the lookout for houses in Brisbane built using the same design as ours.  Even the position of the houses on either side look similar.
old pearly jenkins

Remnants of past residents.

It may not be very interesting to some but to me its been quite special  finding  these small bits and pieces.

old pearly jenkins

The brightness of the lino is so cheerful.  It was under some stinky cupboards in the kitchen.  There was newspaper under it but it’s still stuck to the floor.  The coins and the comb were in the main bedroom, wedged between the skirting boards and the walls.  the plastic lion and the broken fork were buried in the garden.

Old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

The bright lino teamed up with the original green on the walls would have made it a very  colourful kitchen.