Hello there!

It has been months since I’ve been able to update this blog as we STILL have NO internet access at home.

Fingers crossed we should have it back up and running in the next two or three weeks.  I’m so desperate to say ‘hello’, I’m using my mobile phone.

This renovation seems to have dragged on for so long now.  The builders started back in October and we’re still a few weeks away from completion.

old pearly jenkins

The kitchen will be installed ‘fingers crossed’ just before Anzac Day.  We’ve ordered the pantry shelving from Kit Kitchens  and the plan is to install it over the Easter break.  The shelving and this afternoon I made an impulsive decision and bought a tin of paint to repaint the pantry. It’s currently painted Dulux ‘White on White’ like the rest of the house.

The colour I came home with is Dulux ‘ Ticking’.



Fingers crossed it’s not going to be too dark but I think I can pull it off, The shelving and bench top are all white and we have a small window in the pantry that will also help.






A nice suprise after a long day at work.


What a wonderful surprise to find these waiting for me when I arrived home from work yesterday afternoon.  I’ve had a quick look but I’ll sit down with a ‘cuppa’ over the weekend sometime and have a good read.

I did something kind of odd last night that I want to share.  I got into bed and started feeling around for the switch for the electric blanket down the side of the mattress.  The thing is … we haven’t had an electric blanket on the bed EVER and its still  way too hot here to even think about using one.  I’m  thinking  I was just incredibly tired.  Either that or I’m  starting to lose my marbles.

Bring on the weekend!!! (of housework, grocery shopping, sanding and painting.. oh and parenting)