A vintage button lamp shade.

I was flicking through a copy of NZ House & Garden a few weeks ago  and this button lamp shade caught my eye.

I can’t decide if it’s me or not.

Should I have a go and making one of these.??.

Do I have the time?

I still have the rag rug project sitting in the corner of the lounge gathering dust….


So…last weekend Mr F and I went back to Victorian Living in Windsor to buy a shade for the porch.  While we were hunting through the many shades available………

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

I spotted these frames for sale!

old pearly jenkins

I’ve got the buttons.  I’ve found the frames …

I’ve had the vintage buttons for over twenty years now.  I brought them from an estate sale.  I’d only have enough buttons to do a small shade though.

old pearly jenkins

I’ve had a look at ‘google images’ for  other button light shades but the pickings were slim.

imagesCAGQVM7L button-shade-closeup[1]


Are they just tacky?

Rag rugging.

old pearly jenkins

I’ve been reading a few ‘craft’ blogs this week and they’ve  inspired me to pull last year’s Winter project, a rag rug out from under the bed.  I’d spent months last year working on it at night while we sat watching the television.  I noticed that it was starting to curl.  I kept going, not knowing what I was doing wrong.  I realised after a few wasted weeks, I should have been adding extra stitches every so often.  I attacked it with scissors, with a ‘grand plan’ of stitching in inserts.  I gave up and threw it under the bed in disappointment.

\old pearly jenkins

A few days ago I dragged it out and decided  to cut off the curly bits and just start again. I’m adding extra stitches as I go and fingers crossed it doesn’t start curling again.  If it does, it’s going in the bin!!!!!!