Seating for the porch.

Hello there

We’ve  all been busy working and so not a lot has been happening around our house but Mr F (lets just call him Fred) has the  school holidays off, perks of being a teacher hey!!.

He’s been busy building us a wonderful seat and cupboards to hide the shoes!!

old pearly jenkins

Here is the porch area before.  The  old Shell boxes were holding the shoes.

old pearly jenkins

The boys gave him a hand.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

Doors for the shoe cupboards.

old pearly jenkins

And finally a couple of coats of paint!

We’ve ordered framed micro lattice that will slot nicely into the space at the top.  It’s going to be white and will just give us a little bit of extra privacy.


A nice example of micro lattice.

The cupboards are brilliant and hide all the shoes away.  We don’t wear shoes in our house so the new seating is a perfect place to put on or take off your shoes.

The final thing to complete this area is to decide what to do with the concrete pad.  I’d really like to tile it with some black, grey and white Encaustic tiles but as we’re not very happy with the way dirt and grime sinks into them (despite sealing them TWICE) we’ll have to look for an alternative.




Bench seat revamp.

I’ve painted the legs of the bench seat with the paint that I didn’t use for the mirror.

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

I’m happy with the results.  Both will eventually live at the front door.  Now I need to find just the right hooks and maybe a couple of baskets for shoes.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

We’ve found a cupboard for the bathroom!!

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

It’s actually a ‘shoe cupboard’, I’ve never seen one before.  The plan is to put in a few shelves, slap on a coat of glossy white paint and maybe…. replace the top timber panel with a pane of glass.  Mr F’s idea was  a mirror.  I don’t mind this idea either.  Or should we just leave it???

We’re open for suggestions!!!


So… I couldn’t get that other mirror out of my mind.  I kept seeing it painted a beautiful red and hanging near the front door.  I had to go back and buy it.  It’s supposedly Tasmanian   from the 1890s.

We’ve always wanted a hall stand with a seat and mirror but we’ve never seen one that wasn’t going to cost us ‘an arm and a leg’ to have it transported from another state here in Australia.  For example this is for sale on Gumtree, listed as  Antique  Edwardian Queensland Maple stand. It’s in Sydney……we’re in Brisbane!!!!!!


Until we find one we will hang this mirror by the door and below it will be this long padded bench seat.  Add a few baskets for shoes and it will be just as good.

old pearly jenkins

I saw this for sale at Woolloongabba Antiques Centre when I was buying the mirror.  It’s not my ‘cup of tea’ but I love the colour.  On closer inspection the label said it was Italian and for sale at $245.00.  Any thoughts???