The front door.

old pearly jenkins

Do you like the colour of the front door?

I know not everyone is going to like it but we’re really happy with it!!!

Tomorrow the slab for the carport is going to be poured.  fingers crossed the job is completed by Christmas.





12 gig a month + One 13 year old son = blog neglect.

We are probably one of the last families left in the modern world trying to survive using the internet with only 12 gig a month. (long story).

While I was away in New Zealand, our 13-year-old managed to use up 7 gig within the first four days.  And eventually the rest has been gobbled up with still two weeks to go until it rolls over.

So I haven’t been able to update this blog as often as I’d like.  I’m currently using my phone .

I guess the time away from the computer has had some benefits, Our youngest son and I spent last Sunday planting the pots out the back with Violas.  I hope they grow without the possums eating them.

We went and brought two large yellow pots to plant the tall topiary plants that I brought last year and were desperate to be re-potted.  I’m not crazy about the purple trays.  The place we brought the pots from had only one yellow tray.  I guess I’ll get used to the colour.  The plan is to place them at the front entrance to the house.

old pearly jenkins