The hallway light.

We started sanding the hall last weekend.

For a small hall it seemed  to take ages as all the walls are VJ (vertical joining, or tongue and groove) but it’s done and we are ready to undercoat it this weekend and paint.



After work this afternoon I went to a shop in Windsor called Victorian Living to look for a pendant light.  I’d never heard of this place before but I read about it on the blog  Number 90 and was keen to go and check it out.    Wow! It’s a very small shop and it is absolutely crammed FULL of lighting and hardware (original & reproduction).  I was a little hesitant to go in as I was sure I was going to knock something over but I clutched my handbag to my side and tip toed in.  The photo below was taken from the doorway of the shop.


Looking back towards to entrance to the shop.

This is the shade I chose.  I brought the rod set too but didn’t bother to take a photo of it.



I also brought this little sailor.  He’s only 5.5cm (two inches) tall.  My photo isn’t very clear.


He is one of four, the owner of the shop told me that they found the mould for them when they were at the site of an old engineering workshop that was being demolished  here in Brisbane.  They cleaned up the moulds and  have cast  some new ones. The photo below is from the shops website. (I tried to enlarge it but it went all blurry).


They are described as’ ANZAC soldiers’ and include Army, Navy, Airforce and ‘lady’ WRAAC.   They’d sold out of the soldier wearing the Slouch hat.  I’d like to collect them all.

4 thoughts on “The hallway light.

  1. Lovely choice of pendant! You must have felt so overwhelmed when u first walked in that shop…… Where to begin looking when there is sooooooo much to choose from!

    • It was kind of overwhelming but I had an idea in my head of what it was I was looking for. A beautiful pink one has caught my eye though. I’m just thinking about where We could use it. Maybe one of the bathrooms.

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