Progress on the garden shed – Part three.

We wanted the shed to look as much like the house as possible so we used weather boards.  We looked at recycled (demolition yard) timber but it was the same price as brand new!.

old pearly jenkins20140726_153552

It’s winter here in Australia and we lose the sun in the back garden early in the afternoon but this didn’t stop us slapping on some undercoat late on a Sunday afternoon.

old pearly jenkins

Everything in the photos below  has been organised and now lives in the shed.

old pearly jenkins

It is looking super organised at the moment but give it time…. We used some leftover bench top from the pantry to a workbench, some old ikea shelves for storage and LOADS of hooks and screws to hang things.

You all know what it’s like when you can’t be bothered to put things away, they tend to be just dumped somewhere but hey… this has a door and we can hide the mess!!!

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins


the lounge and dining room continued…. Window shopping!

All of the windows in the house except one in the lounge were replaced at some point with aluminium sliders.  They’re awful!!  Slowly we’ve been able to source replacement casement windows and take the others to the dump!  We really like the chaps that run the Demolition Yard at Cavendish Road, Coorparoo.  They are very helpful and its very easy to look at their stock.  We are also on the lookout for a nice front door.

Old Pearly Jenkins    Old Pearly Jenkins

Old Pearly JenkinsOld Pearly Jenkins

We replaced the windows in the lounge and dining room.  We took them to a place in Salisbury called Earth Safe Paint Removal  to  have the paint removed.  Many people would advise against this process as it dissolves the old  glue.  We did re-glue some of them that did need it.  The owner of this business John has an enormous amount of stock there too .  He is also a very nice man.

old pearly jenkins

My mum made the blinds for us.  The fabric and the multi coloured pom-pom trim came from Brisbane Fabric Market on Stanley Street, East Brisbane.   They also have a shop at Wilston.  It was hard to take a photo to show you the blinds.  I will try to take a photo of them when the light is better.

Speaking of lights.  I have a thing for Lamps and have brought three this year.  This is Beryl.  She was brought from a shop in Bulimba called Just Plain GorgeousI think she’s fantastic.

Old Pearly Jenkins

Here are some photos of how the lounge and dining room look at the moment.  If we do get to build, these two rooms will change.  As both the living room and the dining area will be down stairs.  These rooms will become a study and upstairs living area.  The black footstool has gone to live at my cousin’s  house and the red chair now lives in a bedroom.  Oh and the youngest boy broke the lamp in the corner.  I’ve saved the  turquoise velvet shade though and am looking for an old wooden base that I’d like to paint yellow.

Old Pearly JenkinsOld Pearly Jenkins