I’ve done it again!

I’ve gone and done it again!  …

I’ve bought something online without reading the description – (dimensions) properly.

Late last year I bought a painting off Ebay and today I’m now the proud owner of an ENORMOUS old  shop window. I found it for sale on Gumtree.   It looked so much smaller in the photos in the advertisement.

The seller delivered it to our house this afternoon.



I’m always on the lookout for interesting pieces to decorate the house with, especially anything with a story and history.  Even better if it’s local history.  The seller did a bit of investigating into the window and found a listing for it a 1950s business directory.

I found these advertisements for Kaynella on Trove.

Sunday Mail - 4th December 1949

Sunday Mail – 4th December 1949

Sunday Mail - 1st August 1954

Sunday Mail – 1st August 1954

I googled 186 Adelaide Street but I couldn’t find any businesses using this address today.  It might have been part of the Anzac Square building but I’m not too sure.  I wish I had more time to investigate.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

Despite its size I’m really happy with it.  Now we’ve just got to find wall studs to hang the bugger up!


15 thoughts on “I’ve done it again!

  1. wheelerart says:

    This is a great piece! I have been a sign painter for 30 years and this is authentic gold leaf. The red color is the under paint andy the gold was applied on top. The black was painted last to define the lettering. Very few sign artists do this anymore.

  2. Robyn Nuttall says:

    This was my aunt Nell’s shop (full name of Frances Brennan). She designed the dresses the shop sold. She co-owned the shop with another woman who we don’t know much about.

      • Robyn NUTTALL says:

        hello ! Yes I found out the co owner with Aunty. Nell was Kay Wagner.
        Nell finally sold her share to Kay and worked on her dresses etc from home. Kay Wagner was a business woman and the place would have then become some other sort of business,not fashion.

      • Wow!!!!!!!
        Kay and Nell + Kaynella!
        This is just so wonderful to get this kind of information.
        I don’t suppose you have any photos of Aunt Nell with some of her wonderful creations do you?

      • Robyn Nuttall says:

        Have found an old photo of aunty Nell in about 1943 but not sure if I can attach it here !
        Robyn Nuttall

  3. Very interesting, there is one thing to find something interesting to keep and then get inclination to do something with the item. However, its pretty nice to have something with a story or history linked to it as you said, makes the item come to life in our eyes.

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